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Communication is key to success and reduced stress: !PRONTO!

  • Clean? !PRONTOBOXES! are cleaned in our machine. Please see video on home page
  • What are rental durations? A ONE week rental: !PRONTO! delivers on day ONE and pick up is on day EIGHT. A TWO week rental is delivered on day ONE and pick up is on day FIFTEEN. Ect….
  • May I choose a delivery window? You may choose a day for their delivery. You will be contacted the day prior to your scheduled delivery with a two hour window. You will also be contacted the day of delivery approximately thirty minutes prior to arrival.
  • Return Policy: You will be contacted the day prior to your scheduled pick up to confirm that you are ready. If you are ready for pick up you will be given a TWO HOUR window for your pick up. You will also receive a call the day of your pick THIRTY MINUETS prior.
  • What if I am done prior to scheduled pick up: Early pick up is available depending upon scheduling.
  • I need to extend my rental. Extending your rental is simple. When you are contacted just inform us that you need addition time. Extensions are WEEKLY just like your rental. Extensions are FIFTY PERCENT of your original rental minus any NONRETURNABLE items.
  • May I amend my order? You may amend your order over the phone. Once changes have been made, you will receive an email confirmation. If there is a need for any refund due to change, all refunds will be issued upon return of order.
  • Shipping cost? THIRTY FIVE dollars on all orders less than TWO HUNDRED dollars
  • I live in a walk up: Walk up service is available. Please call for pricing 917 521 5018
  • I require a COI: COI are available. Please call to discuss.
  • I need to cancel / delay my order. You may cancel your order within TWENTY FOUR hours of delivery without restocking fee.
  • Orders canceled less than TWENTY FOUR hours prior to delivery will be assessed FIFTY PERCENT of order.

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